I've been editing for over thirteen years, since I first learned Final Cut in high school under the florescent lights of Mrs. Lusk's Contemporary Media and Art class. Since then I've also worked professionally with Avid Media Composer and Priemere Pro to edit scripted films, reality TV, documentaries, and short promo and marketing videos. 

There are few greater joys than making a seamless cut.

Apart from editing, I also write creative short fiction and enjoy defeating friends over a game of 7 Wonders or X-Wing: Miniatures. Disneyland, Norton Simon Museum, and a campfire at dawn are three of my comfort places. I read constantly, sharing my living space with piles of books that threaten to overtake me. I like a good beer and prefer a Scotch—but wine is made most excellent over homemade food and warm company. I work weekends at a local brewery and listen to jazz albums for lullabies.